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ECU Tuning For Most 4-Tec Watercraft (Seadoo)


 SSV / ATV  on the Market Today.

 This is All Done in House at Our Shop in Timmins, Ontario Canada.

No need to send your ECU anywhere, we do it right here.

Can-Am / Polaris / Yamaha / Kawasaki /   Artic Cat / Honda / Suzuki / John Deer


Spark 60 Tuning

60 to 90hp is Factory Approved Using OEM Software.

49mph @7900rpm

Spark 90HO Tuning

Stage I - 110hp Tune for stock.

Stage II - 115hp Tune, Intake Mod, Solas 12/14 Impeller.

Stage III - 120hp Tune, 12/13 repitch, cold Intake, Worx Intake Grate

RXPx 300 Tuning

Stage I - 13/18 Solas Impeller

Stage II - 8400RPM Tune,  13/18 Solas

Stage III - 8700RPM Tune, Cold Intake, Titanium Retainers

2017 Maverick  X3 Tuning 

No After Market Parts Needed

Dyno @ 17 HP at The Wheels

2017-19 Maverick  X3 Tuning

120hp to 170hp

Add On Intercooler and HV Fuel Pump


Please Keep in Mind That Top Speed and RPM is Influenced by Many Factors

- Weight Distribution on The Vehicle

- Water Condition

- Weather and Humidity Factor

- Impeller and Wear Ring  Condition

 - Engine  Temp Condition and  Bad Spark Plugs

- Gas Quality and Octane Level 

- After Market Parts Combination

- ECU Tuning

- Hull Condition

“We Are a Fully Insuredand Licensed Company”

Marce Bernard

Phone: 705-465-6101 (Tech)


Dan Cote

Phone: 705-465-4764 (Sales)


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